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Exigo Specialty Contracting LLC Professional Finishing Carpentry, Painting, & Landscaping for Commercial & Residential Construction

Our Mission ~

"Our mission is to operate a customer-driven, professional, commercial, & residential complete specialty contracting company that provides superior results while constructing & producing excellence in a select market. We will attain a reputation for total customer satisfaction, unquestionable integrity, and dominance in our unique market positions. We will be the standard by which all others are judged. Exigo, is your "complete" specialty contracting experts."

Charles Moses - President Exigo Specialty Contracting  LLC

Exigo didn't simply write a mission statement to hang on a wall. We believe it, we breathe it and we live it. Our mission is clearly seen in every aspect of our work. We strive to make lasting contributions for our people, our communities, and the land. From our committed hardworking teamwork to the continued long standing commitment to superior quality and performance with excellence. Exigo's values are obvious in every completed project, employee and managing executive.