Proudly Serving Alaska With Professional 
Commercial / Residential Construction Services

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Exigo Specialty Contracting LLC Professional Finishing Carpentry, Painting, & Landscaping for Commercial & Residential Construction

Proudly Serving Alaska with Professional Commercial & Residential Construction Services

 About Us ~

Our History ~

Exigo Specialty Contracting LLC is an highly experienced, dependable, fully insured, bonded and licensed contractor specializing in providing superior commercial & residential building, remodeling, painting, finish work, tiling and all construction services. We serve the great State of Alaska and are proud to be solely Alaska Native owned.

​Professional quality workmanship is our strong suit, with special attention to fine details. All contracts are executed with the utmost precision to detail. We complete all contracts timely and with professional diligence. Our team has 40 years of combined experience which we draw from to bring excellence to your projects & construction goals.
Exigo's vision is to provide training & employment for diverse and rural residents of Alaska within the construction trade. Providing employability that leads to the betterment of the employee and their community. We focus our efforts on building infrastructure that improves and protects the lives, land and traditional culture of rural Alaskans. 

Exigo Specialty Contracting was founded by Charles Moses after his family was personally affected by autism. Charles and his wife saw an immediate need in our communities to  to empower individuals with this diversity by giving them the tools to become highly skilled professionals in the creative & expanding field of construction. Charles' goal is to assist diverse & rural Alaskan  individuals in realizing their incredible capabilities, assisting them to be confident, make friends and gain their own financial independence. At Exigo we are inspiring communities to change their perceptions of the capabilities that people with autism have.

With Exigo our highly experienced team will work hard to make your construction goals a reality. Our diverse team has a proven track record and consistently delivers superior results coming in on budget and on time. 
Missed deadlines and inability to stay in budget has become a sad story for far too long in our industry. With Exigo, you will have a professional team of experts that works cohesively and strategically. This team will plan each phase of your remodel, build and/or project to ensure your dream is completed on time and within the budget you agreed upon. We know your time and hard earned money is precious. Why squander it on missed deadlines and repetitive floating budgets? With Exigo you will be kept abreast of your project each step of the way.